Do you have a plan for dealing with “festive stress?”

Do you have a plan for dealing with “festive stress?”

If you’re feeling a little stressed out by the special demands of the holiday season, you’re not alone.

A study conducted by Slumber Cloud has found that one in three Americans is set to endure ‘Festive Burnout’ before December 25th.

The fascinating new statistic emerged in a study of 2,000 Americans, which also revealed that 68 percent of Americans also consider the holiday season, that special time including Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas, to be a “stressful” time.

Whether your stress comes from the activity around preparations or the interactions involved, here are the top ten remedies that participants suggested were effective in restoring their cheer.

A nap                                      51%
Relaxing in my bedroom        45%
Break from family                   44%
Listen to music                       41%
Getting out of the house        40%
Take a walk                            39%
Reading                                 33%
Taking time for hobbies         26%
Watching favorite festive movie 25%
Seeing friends                       24%

Keep these suggestions in mind in case you need them, and remember to enjoy yourself and the company of your loved ones!


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