My Beachbody Ultimate Reset Results

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Before the Ultimate Reset I was in decent shape with pretty good overall health. However, I needed a ton of coffee to help me get through each day. I’d wake up every morning and still be tired. It didn’t matter if I slept in on the weekend, I’d still wake up tired…until I had my coffee. After that I was okay. But by mid afternoon, I’d be tired again. The obvious option was to have more coffee, or something to give me the energy I needed to finish up my day.
I’ve known about the Ultimate Reset for a while, but never considered it because as a fitness fanatic, the thought of going 21 days without working out seemed counter productive to me. And, I loved meat! I’d barely gone one meal without eating meat in my life, let alone 21 days. But everyone who’s done the program has had fantastic results, and the fact that I should be able to get even better fitness results AFTER doing the Reset was very intriguing to me. So I discussed this idea with my wife and some friends, and we all decided to go through it together.
Once I started the program it was an even better experience than I expected! The daily meal plans and recipes were great because they took the guesswork out of what to eat every day. Plus The Ultimate Reset portal was very helpful too. After The Reset, the way I eat and sleep has completely changed and I’m still surprised to this day how much energy I have without drinking coffee. I still haven’t had any coffee to this day, yet I have even MORE energy now than ever before. Out of all my amazing results, this fact alone is still the most shocking thing to me. I always heard that if you feed your body correctly, you shouldn’t need coffee—and the Ultimate Reset has proven it true!

Thanks to this fantastic program my body fat is the lowest it’s ever been. I went from 181 lbs. to 169 and I lost over an inch in my waist. Today I’m a lot more conscious of what I feed my body. I try to purchase organic foods now as much as possible, where as before, I never bought organic. I’ve also been staying away from packaged products whenever I can. Almost all of the things I eat are homemade, and if it is packaged, I make sure I check the ingredients. If I don’t know what the ingredients are, I put it down, figuring I really don’t need it.

Now that I have so much energy, my weekends and free time are so much more productive than ever before, and I’m no longer tired for family activities. The best thing is, I eat better, feel better, and I don’t have to rely on caffeine to get me through the day! Thanks Beachbody.


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