Barre Blend Results – Tanika

Barre Blend Results – Tanika

Barre Blend

I keep hearing great things about our Barre Blend workout. You won’t catch me doing it lol. But the females in our groups including my wife seems to really like it. And the workouts are only 30 minutes so this is great for Busy Moms.

Its good to start seeing the before and after pictures come in like this one from Tanika who lost 2.6 lbs and 4 inches.

In her own words.

“I love the Barre Blend workouts because they work my entire body out and are fun and the time passes quickly because you’re doing so many different moves. My abs are much more defined, my butt is more lifted, and my core is so much stronger, my arms, my everything!


If you have any questions. Don’t be Shy. You can Ask Below.

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