21 Day Fix Calorie Calculator & Getting Started


What is the 21 Day Fix?


21 Day Fix is a nutrition and fitness program that makes losing weight so simple,
anyone can do it. Easy-to-follow portion control and 30-minute workouts take
the guesswork out of losing weight to help you see results fast—up to 15 pounds
in just 21 days!

Whether you want to lose a few pounds before your next vacation or jump-start a
bigger weight-loss goal, 21 Day Fix is the program for you. It’s simple, it’s fast, and
it works. If you’re ready to get serious, 21 Day Fix can help you lose the weight.


If you dont have the 21 Day Fix already, you can get it here!

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So how do you Get Started?


Step 1: Figure Out Your Calorie Level.

You lose weight by maintaining a calorie deficit. We’ve made it easy to figure out what your number should be. Just enter your weight below.

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Your Calorie Target is the amount of calories you are going to eat to lose weight with 21 Day Fix . * If your number is less than 1,200 than round up to 1,200. If it’s more than 2,300, round down to 2,300.


Step 2: Find the Calorie Chart That Corresponds With Your Calorie Level.

Below is the CALORIE CHART where you will see several color squares that match the various containers, each followed a by a number. That number is the amount of times you will fill up that color container each day. For example if you have a “4” after the green square, that means you will be filling the green containers 4 times each day.

To determine your calorie level just use the Calorie Target calculated above and select the level that it falls in. Example if you Calorie Target is 1349, you will be in the 1,200-1,499 calorie ranges. You will be having “3 Green”, “2 Purple”,”4 Red”, “2 Yellows”, “1 Blue”, “1 Orange”, and “2 Teaspoon” each day. No Calorie Counting is needed. Just fill the container ups as many times as allowed and you will hit your Caloric Target.



What’s Next?

Next we will take a closer look at the containers and which food group goes with which colors. But if you haven’t got your hand on the the 21 Day Fix containers and workouts you can get it here.

If you dont have the 21 Day Fix already, you can get it here!

21Day FIX CP Big

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If you find this post helpful, please make sure you share it, so that others can also get help with their 21 Day Fix journey. Click the share links below and share this on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. If you have any question don’t be shy. You can ask below.


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287 thoughts on “21 Day Fix Calorie Calculator and Getting Started

  1. When I did the calculation it said 2268 that just seemed like so much to eat. My weight is 238? Can you confirm that is correct?

    1. Carl

      If you are doing the routines everyday on schedule then you can be in 2100-2300 bucket and still have a calorie defect. However if you have a lot to lose, I would go with the 1800-2099 bucket and monitor your progress.

      1. stephanie west

        I know I’ve seen this before somewhere but I just can’t find it. How do I calculate to gain weight?!

        1. Carl

          Just take your caloric base and add about 500 calories.

  2. Tabitha Torres Solis

    So for heavier people obviously they will eat more calories, and for sure will still lose weight?

    1. Carl

      Tabitha, it all depends on your weight and metabolism. But yes, you can eat more calories and lose weight. As long as you are at a calorie deficit. But you shouldn’t go above the 2100-2300 calorie bucket. If you are concern you can always go to the next level down.

    2. Janeen

      I started at the 2200 calorie level for my weight. In the first round I lost 8.4 pounds. Just make sure to do the exercise plan as calories are based on that.

  3. Irene Shaffer

    I figured out the calorie plan I need and I gained. Mine was 2300 calories. I have an injury and cannot exercise much, so should I cut the calorie count down? Thank you

    1. Carl

      Irene these numbers are based on you doing the full 21 day fix. So if you are not doing the the routines everyday, you should reduce your calorie intake. Maybe drop down to the next lower level 1800-2100.

      1. tamie

        I can’t exercise either well Walking. And I used the caculator as it says and I lost.

        1. Carl

          You lost weight?

  4. Sandy

    My calorie need is 1080 below the chart. How does that work with the number of containers?

    1. Carl

      You should round up. This will put you in the 1200-1499 bucket. Your number of containers will be based on that level.

      1. Kristin

        If my caloric needs are 1080 and I round up I will potentially be eating up to 1499 calories a day. That seems way to much for weight loss. Should I eliminate some of my containers?

        1. Carl

          No just follow the first bracket and see how your body responds. With the container system I’ve notice that most peoples calories come out closer to the lower level of the bracket.

  5. Anthony

    My calorie count is 2510, way over the 2300. To be fair, I am very large, 260 and 6’11”. The last time I counted calories in an effort to loose weight I started at 3200 a day and steadily dropped 2 pounds a week for a while, adjusting as I went. When I would eat below that number I noticed that I gains(or weight loss) would stall if I wasn’t meeting my minimum. So know this should I be eating more then the 2300 a day?

    1. Carl

      In general I would say yes. But you have to remember that not all body types are the same. What works for the majority may not work for all. Since you’ve already had some experience using higher calories to lose weight, that may still be the case. As far as the Fix goes, you may want to start off with the maintenance calories bucket (2300-2499, page 76 of the book) and monitor your progress. But we may have to do something slightly different with you. Email me [email protected] and we can talk about a strategy for you.

  6. Darlene

    I am considering doing this at some point when I can afford it, but my question is do we have to do the shakeology in order to succeed? Is there a way you can do the 21 day fix and be successful without drinking the shakes?

    1. Carl

      If it’s a matter of all or nothing. Then you should at the very least do the workouts. You will have to be spot on with your foods choices to make sure you are fueling your body. The problem these days is that food companies are more concern with profit then the health of the public. A lot of nutrients we used to get from foods are not there. That’s where shakeology comes in. It fills in the blanks and give your body the nutrients it needs. If you feed your body right you don’t have to eat a lot of food. 21 Day Fix is a low calories meal plan, so the two works great together. It also helps with cravings for junk foods and other things. So, yes you can start without it. But I recommended you add it into your daily diet when you can for best results.

      1. Amanda

        Is there a Shakeology product that has no artificial sugars in them? For heath reasons, I can’t handle any form of fake sweeteners, and it’s very hard to find anything without these.

        1. Carl

          Shakeology uses stevia rebaudiana plant. But it doesn’t use any artificial sugars. Did you see something in the ingredients list that you have questions with?

      2. Tangela

        I dobt have shakeology, but I bought the Simple Truth brand whey protein from Kroger, and I mix 1.5 scoops with 12 oz of almond milk. Is this ok? It keep me full for a few hours.

        1. Carl

          It depends. For one protein shakes and shakeology are two totally different things. Shakeology has protein, but it also has carbs, and other vital nutrients. If you asking if the brand of protein you are using is ok. I cant answer that since I’m not familiar with that brand. But I would say be careful. Some of the protein shakes sold has a ton of fillers. If you are asking a even more general question of if protein shakes with almond milk is ok and I would say absolutely.

  7. Christy

    When I use the formula my calories would be 1905. I was using the eating plan with Gamma T25, finished that this weekend and started the fix workouts. I’ve been eating in the 2nd bracket, unable to eat all containers. I lost 10 lbs my first round but have since stalled. Going into the fix workouts should I bump up to the 3rd bracket? I don’t want to undo what I just did.

    1. Carl

      What was your calorie intake before with the T25 workout?

      1. Christy

        I was eating in the 2nd bracket while finishing up Gamma T25. (Before I bought the 21 day fix I was using my fitness pal and was eating about 1500 calories a day – didn’t see any weight loss with this)

        1. Carl

          Christy, send me an email at [email protected] and we can chat about it.

  8. Melissa

    My calorie bucket is 2,092 and even though I am following the plan completely with how many times I fill a container each day I am still dramatically under my calorie bucket. I usually hit between 1200 and 1300. Is this okay or do I need to do something to take in more calories?

    1. Carl

      Are you using the containers and measuring your calories with an App?

  9. Tiffany L Nareau


    My wife is allergic to ALL fresh fruit and gluten. My question is, what should we substitute for her fruit portions, and can she eat gluten free pasta, bread, crackers, tortillas, etc in liu of regular whole grain products? Also, are we not allowed any sugar or salt?

    1. Carl

      Have you began the 21 day fix routine? And am I your coach? If so send me an email and we can look into some substitute food items.

  10. Lindsey

    It is saying I should be in the largest bracket but with other diets and coaches I’ve talked to have told me to eat 1200-1400 calories a day. Would it be OK to do that bracket instead? Also, I have an Herbalife membership and get a good discount. Would that be OK yo replace shakeology with?

    1. Carl

      Generally I would suggest initially following the recommend bracket. Without having more information of your situations that would be my default answer. By the way am I your Coach?

  11. Steph

    My number for calories allowed is 2312. Should I do the 2100-2300? I weigh 242 and am 5’8. I feel as though it is a lot. Haven’t started yet, I will be starting next week but I was just curious before I got started.

    1. Carl

      You should be ok with the 2100-2300 range since you will still be at a calorie defecit. You can start there or 1 level below and see how your body responses.

  12. rosa gonzalez

    can someone that has gout do the 21 fix diet ,?

    1. Carl

      I’m not to familiar with gout. I would first suggest you speak with your doctor. But if you are able to do general cardio and weight lifting routines,you should be able to do 21 FiX. But again speak with your doctor first.

      1. Colette

        I have gout as well as well, it is caused by too much acid in the body. At times it was so bad I thought my bog toe was broken!
        In June I started the T-25 workout program then 21 Day Fix, and have not gout pain at all!
        The combination of consistent exercise, clean eating and reducing my alcohol intake took it completely away.
        Good luck!

  13. Bonnie Reppert

    I should have 1245 calories a day. This should be fun since I leave for vacation with three girl friends Saturday!

  14. Bonnie Reppert

    I am just beginning but already love the workouts. Don’t know how next week will be. I will be on vacation with my girl friends!

    1. Carl

      Just do your best. Enjoy your trip!

  15. Hillary

    Just wondering I usually have shakeology with unsweetend almond milk but almond milk isnt on the food list can i still use almond milk in shakeology?

    1. Carl

      Almond milk is allowed, but only 3 times a week.

  16. Susan

    I am in the 1800 to 2099 bracket. I have added addition calorie burn from 700 to 1400 per day, except on Sunday. Do I need to go up a bracket?

    1. Carl

      What other activities are you doing?

  17. Jolynda

    I currently eat 1200 calories & have lost 40#, but hit a wall. A friend suggested this. This 21 day fix allows me 2200 calories. Should I add the 1000 calories or go with the 1200 calories I’m used to?

    1. Carl

      It depends on your activity level before 21 days fix, your current weight, etc. You may just need to bump up a few 100 calories to get the weight loss starting again.

  18. ashley swallow

    i am supposed to be eating 1200-1400 calories a day ! but I am so hungry and starving before each snack and lunch and dinner….. why??? do I go up in calories ? or stay..? I have been eating 1200-1400 for a while now cuz I did piyo and t25… but I never get n e where cuz I get bored and give up…. the weekends are so hard for me too!! I just fall off all the time… oh man I suck! I lose 5 pounds in the week and gain it back on the weekedns1!!

    1. Carl

      Try adding an extra red or green each day. Do it for a week and if you are still hungry you may need to bump up to the next calorie bucket. Also, are you using shakeology? That usually helps when calories are low.

  19. Carol

    My calorie target is 838, I do not need to loose much weight (of course in the problem areas I would like to) but would I gain if I did the calorie bracket of 1200-1499. Do not want to gain if I do the program but by eating healthier I think I would feel better. Would you suggest this program be beneficial for me?

    1. Carl

      How much do you weigh? 838 is very low and not really recommended. Generally around 1200 is the lowest you should go.

      1. Carol

        I currently weigh 107 lbs

        1. Carl

          You should be fine with the 1200-1499 bracket for your weight. Give it a try!

          1. Tania

            Hi there, I am also doing it to get healthier and build some muscle (I’m skinny fat lol) but I don’t want to gain or get too much bigger as well I still want to wear all my clothes (lol) and I’m comfortable at my size (just tired of being tired and sick all the time etc.). I weigh 102 lbs, so my deficit number is low, 772. I worry that with Shakeo and 1200-1499 calories I’ll get bigger (which is not my goal). I’m going to be starting PiYo this week with Shakeo and following the fix meal plan. Do you think this is beneficial to my goals, or that I’m better off just doing the meal plan, no shakes with the workout?

          2. Carl

            The shakes are great for overall health and well being. It helped me get rid of my painfully headaches I experience ever since i was a child. I’ve heard others say it help them with IBS and other problems. So, I definitely think it has it’s benefits. As far as calories, you should never go below 1200 so the 1200-1499 is a good place to start.

  20. Jerome

    If my caloric deficit is 2100 and I burn 400 calories after a workout and I’ve finished all my containers for the day how will I know how much to eat again to make sure I hit 2100 calories for the day?

    1. Carl

      I’m not getting you’re question. The 21 day books tells you how many times to fill up each container a day best your calorie need.

  21. Kristin

    Hi! I love that you have included this calorie counter on your blog! So extremely helpful to people!! How did you find this to insert into your blog and how did you do it?

    1. Carl

      I created it with wordpress plugins.

  22. Leah

    I am following 21 day fix but also doing bootcamp 3 days a week , I am 5’9 220 lbs what bracket should I be in ?

    1. Carl

      If you are doing bootcamp with 21 day fix you may need a little extra calories. Maybe add in an extra red or/and yellow. By the way am I you coach?

  23. Carolyn

    I got the 21 day fix delivered to me today. It says my calorie count should be 1250 but I am breastfeeding exclusively my four month old son. Should I add 300-500 calories to this and go up to the second level?

    1. Carl

      Carolyn first of all congratulation on your four month old. My first child was born last week. Your plan to add an extra 300-500 calories seems reasonable since you need more calories while breastfeeding to support the milk production. Make sure you go over your plan with your doctor, but it seems reasonable.

  24. Linda

    I really cannot afford to by the 21-day fix kit online but I did find out my calorie intake and how big the containers are and how many I would need. I am vegetarian so I don’t eat any meat. I have a hard time getting my protein in and I see that I would need 3 cups of protein daily. What would that be for me since I don’t eat meat? I just finished a six-week weight loss challenge with the place that I do my three-days a week workouts at. I lost four pounds. I am interested in trying this program. I am not interested in the shake part though, is that going to hinder my weight loss. I can’t afford those shakes and don’t want to drink them.

    1. Carl

      Linda you can do the program without the shake and have some success, but it does help alot. I’ve personally been using it for years and can always notice the difference when I’m not drinking it. By the way am I your coach?

  25. Casey

    I started the first round of 21 day fix weighing one thing and in the second calorie bracket, but now i have loss weight so do i recalculate my calorie intake for the second round of 21 day fix because if so i would be in a different bracket?

    1. Carl

      Yes, recalculate your calories.

  26. Tatoo

    My weight is 280 i wanna lose 100 pounds i see that my calory intake is 2780 can you please tell me what to do. Thanks in advance for your quick reply carl

    1. Carl

      There’s a lot that goes into it if you want to reach your goal. It’s definitely achievable. You should really join one of our accountability groups. email me @ [email protected] or connect with me on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/carldez.thomas so I can help you out. Make sure I’m your coach by choosing the link above. Are you doing the 21 day fix workout program?

  27. GIna

    once i know how many containers i eat for the day…how often do i eat????

    1. Carl

      Every 2-3 hours. 5-6 meals a day! plan it out so that you reach your calorie allowance with those 5-6 meals.

  28. NealS

    Hi, Im in my second week of the program and trying to wrap my head around the container size portions… for me I’m in the higher calorie range. How would I determine how much bread I can eat per day? From what I see I’m allowed 4 yellow containers per day. How much bread slices would that be?

    Thanks in advance!

    1. Carl

      1 slice of whole grain bread = 1 yellow. So a full sandwich with 2 slices would be 2 yellow containers used for the day.

  29. Ashley

    May sound like a really stupid question, and one that I shouldn’t have to ask, BUT here goes… Do I still need to keep a journal/log of all calories consumed by the foods, or is eating by the containers keep you within the caloric intake boundaries for your daily need? That’s the only thing I’m still unsure of.
    Thank you!

    1. Carl

      The calories are already figured out. Just make sure you filling up each container the right amount of times for your bracket.

  30. teresa

    so if it says to do a 2000 calories for me but i have been doing 1200-1500 calories diet (before the fix) should i stay where i am or go to what it says… if it makes a difference i do workout with 1200-1500 calories and burn about 600 calories each workout

    1. Carl

      You can use 1200-1500 as a starting point.

  31. Tonya

    What if I like to mix up my workouts, T25, P90, P90x when I am stronger, Zumba etc. Should I just stick to my calorie range?

    1. Carl

      T25 would be about the same. You will want to increase for P90x.

  32. Jan

    My calorie target is 805. I only weigh 105 lbs. I am not trying to lose weight as I am already skinny gal. I do want to gain weight and tone up. Which calorie bracket should I use??

    1. Carl

      That calorie target is to low. You shouldn’t go below 1200.

  33. Wendy

    Just starting out…When using the containers do you cut up the food or put in whole (like fruit). You could fit more in with slicing things up but wasn’t sure what was best. Didn’t want to overdue the calorie count

    1. Carl

      It depends on the food.

  34. Elizabeth

    I have just learned about this diet or healthy terms of eating. I did the calculator above with my weight and the bottom line says Caloric Needs 1960. My concern is I will be too full and not able to eat all this amount. I really don’t have the money right now to start this until taxes. However, I have changed my eating habits and becoming fuller on less.

    I am wanting to try this and what if I did a shake for breakfast, snack, eat a sensible lunch, shake and then supper. Is there a cut off point to NOT eat? Above chart says I would need 5 containers of green, 3 purple, 5 red, 4 yellow, 1 blue, 1 orange, and 5 tsps. What exactly are the teaspoons used for? Should I drink a gallon of water a day?

    Any advice to help me get started is appreciated. I’d love my husband to do this with me as well. Our 3 yr old pretty much eats healthy. So, any advice is appreciated. Thanks, Elizabeth

    1. Carl

      Lots of questions, and understandably so. We have a 21 day fix support group starting on up that you and your husband are welcome to join. It will help you get on the right track with your nutrition. But in short, you will want to have about 5-6 meals a day. Your initial plan is good. But you need to be meeting a caloric goal. Either by tracking you calories or using the 21 day fix container, which has already taken care of the caloric tracking part for you. You just need to fill your containers.

  35. Doc

    Are there other options for drinks such as tea or leamonade or coffee

    1. Carl

      In the book there is a hydration bar, with suggested drinks.

  36. andrea manning

    I’m on my first round day 3 once I’m done with the first 21 days and I want to lose more what do I do…

    1. Carl

      You can do multiple rounds of the 21 day fix, which many have done. If you are ready for the next stage you can do the new 21 day fix extreme. This was just release and is the natural next step for 21 day fix graduates. Check out the “What program to choose?” link at the top of this page to compare the two.

  37. I have been using the 21 Day Fix containers for my eating plan as it’s easy; however, I’m 134 lbs 5’7″. I lift weights and do HIIT cardio 4-5 days a week. It has me eating on the lowest level and I’m always hungry. I’m not looking to lose weight just body fat and gain muscle. Where should I be eating at on this plan? It is only specific for losing weight.

    1. Carl

      The calorie calculator is setup for a calorie deficit of 750 calories. So, add 750 calories back will put you at your maintenance level. But you can first try just bumping up to the next calorie level.

  38. trina

    Hi Carl, can I email you with some questions?

  39. Rachel

    This question may have been asked before but with the Shakeology component of this program, is it safe to consume while nursing? I have done some research and found when nursing to up your bracket on the calorie chart but there is no mention of the shakes. I read in a previous post from August it is recommended to follow the plan fully to get the results but I wonder if you are getting all the nutrients you need from food, why add an artificial beverage?

    1. Carl

      There are alot of women who use shakeology while breastfeeding. It’s made of whole natural foods. I’m completely against any shake or drink with artificial ingredients. It could do more harm than good. But like everything you should always consult your doctor If you have concerns. If I’m your coach you can email me and I can send you the ingredient to print out and take with you if you choose.

  40. Allison

    I have hypothyroidism and based on my weight… Has me at the highest level. Should I eat down a level? Since my metabolism isn’t working like it should?

    1. Carl

      The calorie calculation and most advice is based on having a normal metabolism. If you have a slow metabolism then things are slightly diffrent. I’ll hate give you a blanket statement without knowing more about you and you particular situation, since things are different for you.

  41. Kelly

    I placed into the highest calorie count, but I’m trying to lose weight. Can you explain how that works?

    1. Carl

      Calculator estimate how much calorie you need to maintain your current weight including your workout. It then creates a caloric deficit which will cause you to lose weight. so, for example if you need 3000 calories to maintain your weight. You calorie suggestion would be about 2250. Ideally this would cause a weight lost of about 1.5lb per week (a good rate). This is just ideal. Some lose more and some lose less. But there are other factors that influence the actual weight lose the big one being your metabolism.

  42. Tiffany

    I just got my 21 Day Fix and I’m having a very hard time developing a meal plan. I have a lot of weight to lose so I need to eat over 2000 calories a day but I can see from your comments you also suggest the 1800-ish calories a day. Do you know of anyone or do you have a meal plan with that caloric intake that I can use as a guide. I’m very overwhelmed with this. Thanks, Tiffany

    1. Carl

      It can be a lot to take in. My next 21 day fix challenge groups start on March 2nd on Facebook. I’m providing everyone with a meal plan and I simple way to track everything. If you want to join just send me an email. I don’t have a plan for the higher bracket yet, but I might be able to create one or better yet teach you how to do it.

  43. Jenny

    I am starting the 21 day challenge next week… I guess when it gets here to me… but i wanted to know how many pounds should i expect to lose week by week….? i will be in the 2100-2300 calories bracket because i am 269

    1. Carl

      Jenny, are you in a challenge group already?

  44. Joseph

    I am a type 1 diabetic who is interested in the 21 day fix program. I am concerned because the amount of carbs(fruits/carbs) I take in plays a huge role in how much insulin I use. My question is am I able to substitute one of the fruit/carbs portions for a protein or vegetable portion or eliminate one of them??

    1. Carl

      I need to know a little more. Email me [email protected]

  45. Leah

    Do you have to start with the 21 day fix or can I start with the extreme version. I have already lost 65 pounds and only looking to lose 10 more and tone. I currently weight train heavy 5 days a week. (Training for my first powerlifting competition) I am basically doing this due to the convenience of the containers and to add an extra workout in.

    1. Carl

      You can go straight to the extreme.

  46. Courtney

    My calorie intake is higher than the chart, Should I follow the 2,100-2,300 bracket?

    1. Carl

      What’s your caloric need?

  47. mary

    My husbands is higher than the chart. What does he need to follow? 3170

    1. Carl

      2800 bracket if He’s doing the extreme version.

  48. mary

    Mine is also off the chart. 2620

    1. Carl

      Use the highest level on the chart.

  49. Mick

    Will dropping to a lower bracket cause health issues. It says I need to eat 2100-2300 calories. Is eating 1500-1799 a major issue. ? Will your body start to store fat since the calorie deficit is so low? I want to lose a substantial amount of weight before my wedding in July.

    1. Carl

      I would not go that low. Maybe the next bracket down. But you should really start with the 2100 bracket first and adjust from there.

  50. carrie

    I want to start the 21 day fix they are putting me in the 1800 calorie bracketbut I just found out that I can’t do no extensive exercising for 3 weeks because of a procedure I had on my legs I have been using My Fitness Pal and that’s giving me 1300 calories a day and I’ve had success with that what would you recommend if I can’t work out and I still want to do the meal program I’m allowed to walk and plan on doing so they said I could get on a treadmill with no incline to. Pretty disappointed was looking foward the exercise the most. But after the three weeks I’ll be back on track
    Then should I go back to recommend calorie level

    1. Carl

      Yes to all of the above.

  51. sherry

    will i lose more weight if i go down to the 2nd calorie bracket or do i just stay in the 3rd where i am suppose to be?

    1. Carl

      would you lose more weight, probably. But, i suggest you follow the plan for the first 2 weeks or so and adjust from there. You won’t to lose weight but at a safe rate. You can always adjust once you see how your body is handling the calorie intake.

  52. Amy

    I am on my 2nd round of 21 day fix, almost done. I have lost 12 pounds but I am not doing the exercises. I am in the 2100-2300 calorie bracket…I weight 248. Should I stay where I am since I am losing? I was just curious since I am not exercising.

    1. Carl

      As long as you are losing at a decent rate there is no need to change.

  53. Stephanie

    Hi Coach. And, by the way, you are not my coach, but I’d like to get some advice from another party, if possible. I recently started 21DFE and have been eating the portions in the first calorie bracket. Curious, I plugged in what I ate on MFP, and it was right at 1200 calories, which is great. But I also ran two miles that day, which burned approx 200 calories, so that means I only netted about 1000. I have always been told that you need to NET at least 1200 calories to be safe and to not have significant regain when you stop a program. Should I try to make my carb servings higher calorie? That’s the only thing I can think of to do to stay w/n my container allowances AND my calorie bracket. Thoughts?

    1. Carl

      You could probably add in an extra red or yellow?

  54. Maria

    Is it necessary to stay in the calorie level they recommend? For example, if I am listed on the 1800-2099 bracket, could I just drop down to the 1200 bracket to increase weight loss?

    1. Carl

      Start off with the correct bracket and adjust from there. 1200 is to low for you to start with.

  55. Hi Carl, I am very interested in starting the 21 day fix, unfortunately I can not afford the program itself. I have done what seems like a ton of research. The calculations says that my calorie intake should be in the highest bracket, but I believe that I should really only eat 1500-1800. Would it be okay to work between the two brackets focusing more on the veggies, protein and fruit? As far as the workouts are concerned, is the point to just workout 30 minutes daily at a moderate pace. Please help and thank you.

    1. Carl

      Why do you think you should be in a lower bracket? Do you know what your true caloric maintenance level is? For the workouts, the point of 21 day fix is more than just working out for 30 mins. It’s the type of workout you are doing, along with the time between sets, the schedule for working different muscle group etc.

  56. Tessa

    I have been following MFP and been doing pretty good. I wanted to try out the 21DF. I have noticed that the calorie range suggested in MFP is drastically different then 21DF. I have been consuming 1500 calories per day working out 5 days a wk getting an average weight loss of 1-2 lbs per wk. But 21DF is suggesting calorie intake on the last teir 2100-2300 calories!! I’m concerned that will cause weight gain. Any advise please?

    1. Carl

      Are you currently working out with your current calorie intake?

  57. Ben

    Hi Carl,

    I weigh 195.5, and I’m wondering which bracket to use since I’m right on the cusp. Also, as we lose weight, do we move down a bracket? Thank you for your advice.

    1. Carl

      Start with the higher level for about a 1 week or 2. If you lose weight at that level than stay there. If you don’t then go down 1 level.

  58. CMB

    I am 5’8″ and weigh 134. Over the past year I have lost 90 lbs. and am looking at maintaining my current weight. I want to lose fat/flab and gain more muscle. How many calories would I need to eat while doing the 21 Day Fix workout program and do you think this would be the right product for me?

    1. Carl

      Congrats on your weight lost. You could try the 21 day fix extreme using your maintenance calorie level. Another program you could try is P90x if time isn’t an issue or P90x3. Both of these are available in the Beachbody club Ondemand for online streaming and since you get a 1 month free trial of the club on demand streaming you can take a look at both and see which one you would like to do. I’ve done both.

      1. CMB

        Thank you! Now I want to focus on getting in better shape and maintaining. Thank you also for your suggestions. I think 30 mins is a better fit for me. I just have one more question. Would the maintenance level be the baseline plus 400? Ok thank you for your help! 🙂

        1. Carl

          Yes, that’s the estimated number to maintain your weight. But remember it’s just an estimate. So if after being at the caloric level for 2 weeks or so you notice your weight change then you can slightly adjust until you find your try caloric need. But this should get you close.

  59. Kathryn

    I am just interested in the containers and am not buying the entire program but I enjoy doing vigorous yoga and zumba. My calorie goal for the day according to this is 1971 which seems quite a bit too me. I am 5’2 and 211 pounds. Should I go down a level or go down two? Please help! Thank you.

    1. Carl

      What are you currently at? And is your weight and body fat staying the same or dropping?

  60. Stephanie stephens

    I am a lost as to how many calories or what range I need to stay in someone please help. I’m 227lbs

    1. Carl

      What is your current calorie intake?

  61. nancy

    My calories says 1124. So I’m guessing I’m 1200 is that the total containers per day.. that seems very low.
    I am not trying to loss any weight I just wants to tone and get healthier. I’m 5’2 .134lbs.

    1. Carl

      To maintain your weight you should be estimated in the 1800-2000 bracket.

  62. nicole

    When you get your caloric needs is that how many calories you can have in each meal or per day?

    1. Carl

      Per day. That would be alot for 1 meal lol.

  63. Patrisia

    My calorie intake should be 1200-1400. How many calories should I be burning during each workout to lose weight?

    1. Carl

      21 day fix burns about 400 calories. Fix extreme burns 450. This is just an estimate each person is diffrent.

  64. Elane Johnson

    I’m in the third bracket but near the bottom of it 1800 calorie range but I’m breastfeeding should I go up another bracket or just monitor my supply and go up if my supply decreases? Should I increase a few specific food groups, reds, blues, yellow? Eating too many vegetables tends to make my son gases so can’t do big salads I have to spread out the veggies.

    1. Carl

      If your supply is ok at the 1800 level you can probably remain there. You generally need about 300 calories more when breastfeeding. But if your supply hasn’t taken a hit you are probably at the right level. But you should always consult your doctor to safe.

  65. Trice

    Hey Carl

    So my calorie intake is off the charts (literally) so my questions to you is does the chart that you entered even support people who have a substanial amount of weight to lose? Or should I start another program until I meet the loser levels on the chart.

    1. Carl

      No this should work for most calorie levels. The updated chart goes up to 2800 calories.

  66. Tanya

    Why is there no differentiation between men and women in the calculator? I would think that men would need more calories.

    1. Carl

      The charts is more of a general guideline for everyone. But not everyone body response the same. Thats why it’s good to work with a coach to make sure your are on the right track that best works for you.

  67. Steph E

    I am calculated to be in the 1200 calorie bracket. I am on day three and am extremely weak and tired, horrible mood, headaches and depression-like symptoms. Before this, I was very opposite of all of the things I just listed. About 6 weeks ago, I did Body Beast and was eating 1900 calories per day and saw tremendous results. Is 1200-1400 calories really enough?? I am following the plan to the T, filling all containers only with foods listed in the Meal Plan booklet.

    Thank you so much for any help!

    1. Carl

      Body Beast “Beast” phase burn more calories than the 21 day fix. But with that said you are not eating enough for your body. You should raise your intake up a level or two.

      1. Steph E

        Thank you so much for your help! I started on the next level up and feel great!!!

        1. Carl

          Great, glad I can help.

  68. emmy

    How do you know just with lbs how many calories I should have? Shouldn’t my height also be considered? Also, can someone with fibromyalgia do this program causing more pain?

    1. Carl

      There are formulas that calculates your calories needs that requires your height and weight. I may be posting one soon. But if you look at it, you will see that you get close to the same numbers in the end.

  69. Kim

    I have tried everything to loose weight. I did two rounds of the 21 day fix in the second bracket, I am 190 and my weight didn’t budge. I did t25 and lost inches but again my weight didn’t budge. I don’t understand why I can seem to loose weight. I’m getting very frustrated. After my first child I lost weight with watching what I ate. After my second, which is seven now I can’t loose. Should I drop to the lower bracket?

    1. Carl

      The second bracket maybe to low for you. What was your calorie intake when you did T25?

  70. Tina k

    HI CARL,

    I’m planning on doing insanity max 30 with the 21 day portion control containers. Can I follow the 21 day fix calorie guide and do the insanity max 30 workout? need a coach too btw!

    1. Carl

      Absolutely, Insanity max 30 actually uses the same portion control containers. I’m currently doing a Body Beast/Max 30 hybrid and using the 21 day fix system to track my calories.

      1. Tina

        But do I follow the guide in the insanity max 30? Or use the calorie calculator?

        1. Carl

          I would follow the guide for the 21 day fix. Although the insanity max guide those have some useful information. But use the 21 day fix guide for calorie intake.

  71. I bought the 21 day fix while ago then I started to have back pain is being a year now and I found out that I have scoliosis and other issues in my lower back. Middle spinal cord, I still lost about 5 pounds which I was happy because I could not exercise or I’ll be in pain but just by eating healthy. But now no matter I do healthy or not I have gain four pounds and I am trying to start the 21 day fix containers again to see if I can loose some pounds again. It makes me so depressed that I can do my exercises like I used to but I am trying to do my containers again so my question is: I did my calories and it says to eat 2,300 is that good even do I am not active as I shoud? PLEASE HELP AND THANKS IN ADVANCE

    1. Carl

      No those numbers are for folks doing the workout.You would be closer to 1900 or less.

  72. Cherea davis

    Are the countdown to competition days designed to be lower calorie?

    1. Carl

      No they are design to be lower carb days.

  73. selina

    I normally do 30 min of cardio, running mostly. and about 15-20 min of weight every morning…would that be compatable with the 21 day program?

    1. Carl

      do you mean comparable withe the diet plan? if so, your numbers will be different because your calorie burns is different with your workout program.

  74. Karly

    I am thinking about purchasing 21 day fix. I don’t not want to loose weight, however just want to eat healthy and exercise and tone up. I am 4’10 and 87lbs. Will these workouts and meal plan work for someone not wanting to loose weight?

    1. Carl

      Yeah, it will. Just use the caloric baseline number. That will be the estimated amount you need to maintain your weight.

  75. Wendi

    Just started and on day three I am supposed to be in the 1800 to 2099 bucket. I eat all my containers each day. I also track my calories on myfitness pal. It says I am eating about 1450 a day putting me at a way lower calorie count. I currently at 196 lbs.

    1. Carl

      That’s weird, i’ve also put my numbers into myfitness pal for the calorie bracket and it came out around 1800. I would first double check that you account for all items. Then you may want to adjust your numbers.

  76. Cara

    for the 2nd round are you suppose to stay in the same calorie bucket or is there a different calculation?

    1. Carl

      Do you mean second round of the original or do you mean the second version of the programming being the fix extreme. If it’s the second round of the original 21 day fix then just recalculate your number based on where you are at now.

  77. Tammy

    I am hoping someone can help me figure out what I’m doing wrong. I am in my mid 40s, been working a long time (20 years, 6 days a week) Been doing weights the last 5 years, was cardio queen b4 that. I have done a round of Fix Ex and cannot get my weight or pant size to go down. I am almost 5’9 and 150, I really want to get back to 140. I am eating 1500 a day with balanced macros – My main foods are organic eggs, steel cut oats, plain greek yogurt, min. amount of fruits, cod, chicken breast and veggies, that’s about it. 110oz of pure water a day. Some days I even do 2 of the workouts hoping for it to help and it never does. i do sit all day for my job. Any advise or help?? Thank you :0

    1. Carl

      Have you tried increasing your calorie intake. Maybe bump it up to 1600 and see how your body responds.

  78. Kimberly Humphrey

    Hi, where do I find the breakdown for calories burned for each individual exercise? I am trying to put it in My Fitness Pal.

    1. Carl

      myfitnesspal has calorie breakdown for different exercises.

  79. Sandy

    I purchased the 21 day fix extreme by mistake instead of the original do I use the same number of containers in the chart given in the extreme for the original

    1. Carl

      yes. your calorie will be slightly different since you burn more with the extreme but the charts are the same.

  80. carolyn mcclain

    i did my calculations and my weight is 309, it says i should consume 3,049 cals. thats alot of food. im only able because of my knee burn some days 300-350 cals. if MFP says i should eat 1700 and this is twice as much how do i lose weight????? i did not by the workout tapes, because i knew physically i could not do them. should i dropped down to 1799 category??? to lose weight. do you have to excersise 7 days per week??? i do 4-5 days per week/

    1. Carl

      The 2100-2299 maybe better for you. Or maybe the next level up.

  81. Robin

    Hi~ I just received my 21 DAY FIX and will start it on 5/27/15 due to a surgery I will have on the 26th. I am at the 1850 calories per day. My question is, being I am at the 5 3 5 4 1 1 5 eating plan colors, and needing to be 6 times per day in 2 hr intervals (which might be hard until after school is out here on 6/4/15 ~ I cannot eat during a class 😉 ) I am wondering if we can eat which ever colors we want during the 6 times per day. Can I eat 3 greens and an orange and make that a meal?
    I really want this to work so I want to so it right ~

    Thanks so much 🙂

    1. Carl

      You can do any color combo you want. Idealy you should try to eat all of your yellow and purples before 6pm.

  82. Elin rose-kays

    Hi I am just curious if I am doing the 21 fit fix plus going to the gym plus walking 2 hours a day should I be eating more? Right now I’m in the 1500-1799 column but I’m burning about 3000 calories a day. Thabks.

    1. Carl

      You definitely need to eat more. You also want to be careful that you are not over doing it. You will probably get better results and in a safer manner if you cut back on some of that activity.

  83. Jessica

    I started this 4 days ago and am loving it! I was just barely in the 2nd tier of calories, but have already dropped 3 lbs, enough to drop into the lowest calorie tier. Should I do this, or complete this round at the second tier?

    1. Carl

      Complete the round unless you see a big slow down in weight loss.

  84. Name *

    I’m starting 21 day fix Monday. You answered a lot of questions on here that I had.

    I just wanted to say that I love the way you have this website set up and I think it’s awesome that you interact with people on here that may not even be on your team… This is awesome coaching!

    1. Carl

      Thank you for your kind words. I’m glad I can help.

  85. Jessica Fleser

    I’m 5’2 and 120 pounds. I do have approximately 10-15 pounds to loose and am very small framed. Per you calculations I should be eating 820 calories per day. I eat on average 1200 calories per day and have for years without any weight loss. Am willing to try 820 but want to be sure safety is the priority.

    1. Carl

      Jessica, no it’s not safe to run that low. Generally speaking you should never go below 1200 calories. For your situation you will actually need to increase your calories to get results. I’m not sure if I’m your coach but if I am just send me an email an I can help you with this.

  86. Nessa

    I love your website. My question is I purchase the extreme program instead of the regular 21 day fix. Should I purchase the regulat 21fixr dvd or is it okay to continue with the extreme.

    1. Carl

      You can stick with the extreme. It is harder than the original but as long as you have do some form of exercising before you should be ok. The guide are very similar but the extreme removes a few items to dial the nutrition in even more. I like to 21 day competition diet option in the extreme book and use it alot. I prefer than ab routine in the original.

  87. Kateryna Dempsey

    I am 5’7″ and about 160#, so the calculator show that i need to eat 1410 calories a day to loose weight. does shakeology included in this calory amout or not? plus I am a nursing mom, i assume i have to eat more, but how do i find out my calory intake so i know my container intake?

    1. Carl

      The calorie is separate from shakeology. Once you know how many calorie to intake you will make out your food plan based on the containers. Shakeology will be included in that. It counts as 1 red.

  88. Michelle Blanton

    I received my 21 day fix, but the meal plan information was missing, they are shipping it out. I just spent 30 minutes trying to chat with their assistance. Basically I was trying to figure out what the Shakeology counts as. Am I right to say it would be in place of one red container? I am at 1410, is there a way to figure with height and weight or just by weight?

    1. Carl

      Yes, Shakeology is a Red container.

  89. Sharr

    Can anyone tell me what that spoon under the Orange container on the servings table? It says 2,4,5,6 per calorie section.

    Is that how many protein shakes you should have a day or something?

    1. Carl

      Similar to the containers thats how many serving of oils & nut butters you should have a day. Beachbody didn’t include the teaspoon because they figured you have enough at home already lol.

  90. Katie

    My friend has just started and lost 20 lbs in her 1st round but now that she has lost weight does she need to recalculate her bucket because her weight now after loosing the 20 lbs would put her in a smaller bucket category

  91. Katie

    I know you get breakfast,snack,lunch,snack,dinner but I always get hungry at night could I have a shakeology after dinner to keep from getting hungry in the middle of the night

    1. Carl

      That would probably be ok. As long as you stay within your calorie bracket.

  92. Darren

    If I’m at 270 lbs and 6 ft and doing the max 30 workouts do you think it’s ok to drop down to the 1800-2099 bracket if I have a lot to lose?

    1. Carl

      Without know more information I would say at least start at the 2100-2299 level and see how your body respond after a couple of weeks. You can always lower your calories.

  93. Gary Cline

    I’m wondering what those teaspoons are for – salad dressing or ???

    1. Carl

      Oils and nut butters.

  94. Sam


    I am 330 lbs

    My calories intake says it should be 3280 which I think is very high, I can do that but what I am looking to see what should my breakdown be per colored container


    1. Carl

      The highest bracket is the 2500-2800 which should work for you.

  95. Marci

    I am 73, just finished rehab for knee replacement, and also have tachycardia, so I am limited on cardio. 5’7 217 lbs. How do I make this plan work for me?

    1. Carl

      Email me at [email protected] and we can talk.

  96. Can you tell me if I need the Shakology, they make me feel a little sickly, can I replace them with something else, it seems a lot to eat shakes and containers full of food.

    I am 174 lbs and eat from 2nd column.


    1. Carl

      Do you have any allergies to milk?

  97. Lily

    I am trying to lose weight and as I’ve read I am suppose to be in the 2100-2300, but I feel I need to go down to the lower calorie intake. But my question is I was always told to go on a low carb diet, would my 4 yellow containers make my carb intake low or high?

    1. Carl

      Low and high carb is relative. The program aim is for 40% of you calories to come from carbs. So if you take away some of the yellow containers it would lower that percentage.


    What on earth do I do if I simply cannot eat this much food? I cannot eat four reds, three greens, two purples, etc., that are required based on calculated formula. I tried for days and just cannot do it.

    1. Carl

      Shirley, that is the lowest bracket. If you are struggling eating at that level something else is going on. Are you doing the workouts? Have you been doing alot of low calorie diets for a long period of time?

  99. Jamie

    I am following the container number for my calorie range but am ending up about 600 calories short for the day? How do we make sure we are staying in the range if we don’t count?

    1. Carl

      Usually it’s pretty close. Send me an email and we can discuss it. By the way am I your coach?

  100. Jillian

    So my calorie target says 805… I only weigh 105, but I think this would be a great way to get me started on healthy eating and not just the junk food I constantly eat. Any suggestions? My friends do this and I see huge lifestyle changes, would this still be okay for me to do and just round up to the 1200 calorie group?

    1. Carl

      yeah that will work!

  101. Doug

    My calorie in take according to the math says i need 3016. How do i figure my amount of food intake. I weight 306 and am 6 foot

    1. Carl

      You will use the 2800 bracket which is the highest.You maybe able to go lower, but thats a good starting point.

  102. Lo

    Hi –

    I weight about 95 and 4’10, when I did the calculation I was given 695 calorie intake. I want to lose a little weight and tone up. On the chart I didn’t see anything less than 1200 calories. Eating 1200 calories maybe too much for me since I am not a big person. How do I know how many of the containers of food I can consume? Thank you

    1. Carl

      You shouldn’t go below 1200.

  103. Michelle Edwards

    Hi, My dad and I are above the calorie count for plan F. He sits at 3180 calorie intake and I am at 3254. Is there a plan for us? We have got the containers and were planning on starting tomorrow but want to make sure we are doing it the right way. We want to see results.

    Thank you,
    Michelle Edwards

    1. Carl

      The highest bracket goes unto 2800. That would be a good starting point if not lower.

  104. Paula

    My calculation is 1000 calories, how do I calculate that with the containers?

    1. Carl

      round to the 1200 range.

  105. Paula

    I am at a 1000 calorie count but that calorie target is not shown…. what should I do

    1. Carl

      You shouldn’t go below 1200. So just round up to the bracket.

  106. Lauren

    I am supposed to be in the highest calorie group, but because of my ankle surgery recovery I cannot do the 21df workouts. I am able to bike on a stationary bike for 8-10 miles a day. What would you reccommend I do as far as calories!?
    Thank you!

    1. Carl

      It depends on the amount of calorie you are burning on your bike. You can take your maintenance calories, follow that bracket and adjust after a couple of weeks.

  107. Anayeli

    How many containers I have to have

    1. Carl

      I don’t get your question. Did you calculate what bracket you are in? You would just use the container amount in that bracket.

  108. Stuart

    Carl thanks for the great advise on a lot of these questions. That being said don’t you get sick of answering stupid questions that proves that the people asking just haven’t read the book? You have more patience than me my friend that’s for sure!!!!

  109. Angela

    When I put in my weight (111 lbs) it says my target calories is 871. But that isn’t even on the chart so how do I know how many containers I can eat?

    FYI – I’m only 4’9″, that’s why my numbers might seem low.

  110. Ujala

    Hi Carl. I am in the 1200 bucket. I don’t have to lose a lot of weight. I just need to lose a few inches and build muscle mass just so that I can be back in shape. I started doing 21 day fix last monday which was Aug 24th, to be exact. So far, I haven’t seen any result except that some of the water weight and bloating is gone. Am i doing it right? When do we start seeing actual results from this program? What would you advise me?
    Cheers! 🙂

    1. Carl

      Give it a week or so. it can take time for your body to adjust sometimes. And keep track of you body measurement and bodyfat%.

      1. Ujala

        Hi Carl. So I kept a track of measurements. I have lost around 3.5 inches all over. I am finding it hard to keep up with my protein intake. What do you suggest?

        1. Carl

          Congrats on you results so far that’s awesome. You can always supplement with protein shakes or bars for added protein. The meal plan also has a whole list protein items you can add into your diet.

          1. Mr. Beginner

            In regards to protein shakes…. NOT JUST any protein shake, but, one that is “healthy” for you, and there’s a lot of junk out there….

            My recommendation would be JuicePlus OR Shakeology….

            Avoid the “whey” protein, if you can … It’s an animal biproduct …. try and go the plant protein route …. i.e., whole food….

          2. Carl

            Yeah I personally use Shakeology. It has help my headaches that I dealt with since a child go away.

  111. Tracey

    Hello my calorie intake is 4050 what should I follow on the bracket? The 2800 or the one down? I’m also female and I am 5’8

  112. charmaine martin

    need to loose weight

  113. Lynn

    I am going to start this program tomorrow. My goal is to lose 5 lbs. but mainly I want to tone up my stomach, legs, and buns . Any advise on this?

    1. Carl

      You need to be plugged into a group for accountability. It makes a huge difference.

  114. Lynn

    My brother calories ended up being 4,072. What should his portions be?

    1. Carl

      Send me an email an we can talk about it. [email protected]

  115. Jean

    Great calculator for this program – I’ve been a bit confused about which calorie bracket and how many containers I should eat each day and this has clarified things.

  116. Misty

    I’m just starting 21 day fix and can not afford the shakeology, what can I use in replace of that for my protein shake?

    1. Carl

      Shakeology is not a protein shake. It is a dense dose of nutrition which include adaptagen, phytonutrient, probiotics, prebiotics, etc. If you just want to replace the calories intake of shakeology you can use a protein shake, or protein bar. But if you are trying to get the same benefits as those you see in the information you cant get that from just drinking a protein shake.

  117. Hi,

    My sister suggested several members of my family try this diet plan. I was trying to figure out my intake for the day, and found that my caloric need is 575 calories higher than the chart allows… any idea how to calculate for that? (my starting weight is 293 lbs)


    1. Carl

      The latest chart goes up to 2800. Which program do you have?

  118. Tara

    HI! So I have a question about the DVD’s. I bought the program last January and had GREAT results! I decided to pull it out again a few days ago and my first DVD is missing. I have searched everywhere. Is there any way to buy the first DVD again or just the DVDs? I have looked and can’t find them sold separately. Any help would be great. My coach is no longer a coach.

    1. Carl

      You can reorder the DVDs directly. Or you can just stream the workouts if that would work better for you. Email me @ [email protected] and we can talk.

  119. Mr. Beginner

    I did the calculation, and found out I need 2600 calories … and yet, I don’t see the container count for that…. So, in my opinion, this thing FAILS at being accurate, in my opinion, based on the “feedback” that OTHERS have received, based on their own calculations of requiring above 2300 calories … I find the feedback to those people, an insult… IF you are saying “Oh, you need to put yourself in the 2100 – 2300 bucket…” then, you are saying the calculation is incorrect… Which means, it is incorrect all around the board …. and in my opinion, Beachbody did not take into account people who are obese OR who have a lot to lose… They should have figured that … and at least, in the book, stated something to like, “If your calculation places you above the 2300 calorie mark, it is safe to start off in the 2100 – 2300 bucket. However, we recommend consulting with your Dr. in order to consider a more accurate placement…” OR something like that….

    I’m going to do it anyway … I’m 268 …. and that places me in the 2600 calorie range …. AND I doubt that 300 more deficit calories is going to hurt…. 🙂

    Anyways … Just wanted to complain about this … EVEN though, I’m going to go for it … because it appears to be a good plan….

    1. Carl

      The Fix extreme chart goes up to 2800. How are things going so far?

  120. Becky

    This was extremely helpful! Took over an hour but I read from top to bottom and learned soooooo much. I ordered my 21 Day Fix and Shakeology yesterday and can’t wait for it to arrive. I have done a lot of research today but I can’t find just one answer I’m looking for. Can I have Greek yogurt with pre mixed fruit in it? If so would it be a red and purple portion or a yellow and red or some other combination. I won’t buy it again after I run out but for now I don’t want to waste it.
    Also, thank you so much for such a large amount of helpful info.

    1. Carl

      Congrats on you new Journey with 21 day Fix. Are you apart of our support group already?

  121. Jennifer

    Hi my calorie intake is 1542. Could I go to the 1200-1499? Would it still be effective?

    1. Carl

      Yeah, that should be ok. If you start to feel sluggish during your workout you may need to bump up one level.

  122. Christina

    When I do the cal it says I’m in the lowest bracket but when I use the 21 Day Fix app it has me in the 2nd bracket. Why are the results different?

    1. Carl

      I can’t really explain why the app is different with out knowing what app it is and what formula they are using.

      1. Christina

        The app is called 21 Day Fix Tracker

        1. Carl

          That app maybe using a different number to determine your BMR. But these number are estimates. So, no matter which direction you go you can adjust as time goes on.

  123. Kylee

    Hi I am looking into the 21 day fix but am breastfeeding. It says that I need to eat aroumd 1400. But I think I need at least 1700… Would that be okay

    1. Carl

      Generally speaking yes. But double check with your doctor.

  124. Alyssa

    Is the calorie target the same for losing weight if you don’t do the work outs? Or should I cut the amount back?

    1. Carl

      You will wont to cut back calories.

  125. I just want to know, my calculation equaled 3, 700. That number is not in any of the books and I contacted BEACHBODY, but they just gave me the run around. Please…Help me!

    1. Carl

      Just message me [email protected]. Am I your coach?

  126. ponu

    i am in bracket for 1200-1499 . what is two teaspoon in that ?

    1. clubelev8fitness

      This just means you can have 1 teaspoon twice a day for items like Nut Butter, Seed Butter, Coconut oil etc. Check you 21 day fix nutrition for the whole list.

  127. Kishia

    Hello I really need some feedback, My sister and I are doing the 21 day fix however im slightly larger than she and my caloric needs surpass whats in the book. My caloric needs to lose weight is 3390 and for the love of me i cant say how many greens purples reds etc i need to get started can you help?

    1. clubelev8fitness

      Using the 2100-2300 bracket will be a good start for you. Follow that bracket for a few weeks and let me know how you are doing.

  128. Katharine

    Hi! I’m 220 lbs. and just had a baby, he is currently 6 weeks old. I am exclusively nursing and can’t decide what bracket I’m in. I have been Doing the 2100-2300 calorie bracket and haven’t lost anything. Not even a pound. When k calculate and add 500 for nursing, which is what I’ve heard I’m supposed to do, it puts me at 2500…which is a bracket up. Help! Which one should I follow? I’m desperate to lose weight but want to maintain milk supply.

    1. Carl

      Congratulation on your new baby. Have you began working out?

      1. Donna

        Hi, my son’s calorie bracket is 3400, would he double the 1500-1799 bracket? Also any super easy recipes and tips for meal prepping for frig and freezer for 3 people would be appreciated.

        1. Carl

          Hi Donna,
          The updated bracket goes up to 3500 calories. But, depending on his goal he probably don’t need to go that high.

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