21 Day Fix Extreme Calorie Calculator & Getting Started

What is the 21 Day Fix Extreme?

21 Day Fix Extreme is the next step after 21 Day Fix.  If you want to know the difference between the two you can compare them here Comparison Chart.  With 21 Day Fix Extreme for the next 21 days, you’ll take on new, intense, fun workouts that will push you beyond what you imagined possible.  Not only are these workouts extreme, they’re also incredibly effective and only 30 minutes long.  Yes, you will have to push yourself, and yes, you might not be able to complete every workout perfectly the first time around.  But follow the workouts, with the provided 21 Day Fix EXTREME Eating Plan, and watch your body begin to transform.

If you dont have the 21 Day Fix Extreme already, you can get it here!

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So lets get Started!

Step 1: Lets Figure Out Your Calorie Level.

First you need to calculate your calories based of your goal of either weight loss or maintaining your weight while you resculpt your body. After each round of 21 Day Fix Extreme you will want to recalculate your calories. As usually, we’ve simplified this process for you. Just enter your information below.

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Your Calorie Target is the amount of calories you are going to eat to lose or maintain your weight while doing 21 Day Fix Extreme. If your number is less than 1,200 than round up to 1,200.

Step 2: Find the Calorie Chart That Corresponds With Your Calorie Level.

Below is the 21 Day Fix Extreme CALORIE CHART where you will see several color squares that match the various containers, each followed a by a number. That number is the amount of times you will fill up that color container each day. For example if you have a “4” after the green square, that means you will be filling the green containers 4 times each day.

To determine your calorie level just use the Calorie Target calculated above and select the level that it falls in. Example if you Calorie Target is 1349, you will be in the 1,200-1,499 calorie ranges. You will be having “3 Green”, “2 Purple”,”4 Red”, “2 Yellows”, “1 Blue”, “1 Orange”, and “2 Teaspoon” each day. No Calorie Counting is needed. Just fill the container ups as many times as allowed and you will hit your Caloric Target.


What if you want to use Myfitnesspal?

This question comes up a lot. If you want to track you 21 Day Fix Extreme calories with Myfitnesspal or some other calorie tracking app you can. Just use the calculator above to get your caloric target. Then set your Macros to 40% Carbs, 30% Protein and 30% fat.

What’s Next?

Since you are all set on your calories, now the fun begins. Its time to find some tasty fix approved meals and get ready for some awesome results. But if you haven’t got your hand on the 21 Day Fix Extreme you can get it here.

If you dont have the 21 Day Fix Extreme already, you can get it here!

You want unlimited access to 21 Day Fix, 21 Day Fix Extreme?

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  1. Sara

    Are the first few bracket the same as 21 day fix?

    1. Carl

      Yes it is. This chart just adds two more calories brackets for those with higher caloric needs.

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